★★★Top 5 Ways To Find Pinterest Keywords To Drive Pinterest Traffic 2019★★★

28June 2019

Top 5 Ways To Find Pinterest Keywords To Drive Pinterest Traffic 2019
Check out our video Top 5 Ways To Find Pinterest Keywords To Drive Pinterest Traffic In 2019 to drive warm, buyer-intent traffic to your product pages https://ecommerce-optimizer.com

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1. The best Pinterest Keywords tool is the Search Bar dropdown as it auto populates and the Guided Search results that appear underneath after you press enter. These are listed in a search volume ranking from top to bottom.

2. Pinterest SEO is reliant on proper organization of your boards, pins, titles and descriptions. Pinterest provides you with additional strong phrases in the keyword results by providing a list called Searches To Try.

3. Why wonder how to drive traffic with Pinterest when you have additional features such as More Like This and the More Ideas Tab that are also both additional ways to do Pinterest Keywords research.

4. Boards Like Yours is a feature shown by Pinterest when you are reviewing your boards as well as when you look at your data. Seek out similar boards and find the pins with the most engagement to share and drive traffic through your own pins.

5. Maximize your Pinterest SEO by utilizing the Ads Manager to find keywords with high search volume.

ProTip: Audience Targeting For Ads, Be sure to use buyer intent phrases in your keyword phrase

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