💰 How I Made $432/Week On Shopify With FREE Pinterest Traffic (2020)

19February 2020

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Want to start generating FREE Shopify traffic and sales in 2020? Here’s how to get started. I’m going to show you exactly how I made $432 in Shopify sales using free traffic from Pinterest, how to automate the entire process and it all takes less than an hour to set up.

I actually stumbled across this Shopify free traffic method by accident the other day when an old Shopify store I own started making sales seemingly out of nowhere. I logged into the Shopify site and looked into the analytics to find that almost 90% of the traffic was being driven by Pinterest. I found that over time we generated over 1.2 million impressions and 25,000 clicks, all from these pins. 💥

It also turns out that where the Shopify store itself didn’t have the authority to rank in Google for certain search terms, Pinterest did. So Pinterest was acting as a catalyst so to speak for Google search traffic. Pretty interesting.

But through that, I’ve also discovered a way to double down on this and found a way to drive tons of free traffic from Pinterest on demand to your eCommerce business. And this isn’t just limited to dropshipping and Shopify. You can use this free traffic method to drive sales on your affiliate links, CPA offers or maybe just drive traffic to your YouTube video or blog. 👍

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The first thing I recommend doing is obviously creating a Pinterest profile for your business, creating all of the appropriate boards and manually posting the first pins for each of your products. If you’re using this free traffic method to promote a Shopify store you should also enable buyable pins by verifying your website on Pinterest and adding the Pinterest sales channel in Shopify.

Now here’s where the real magic happens and how I generated just over $507 in sales on a brand new eCommerce website using nothing but free Pinterest traffic. I chose to sell these gold bubble letter style pendants. These are not only impulse buy items but they have huge profit margins and are fashion items that perform exceptionally well with Pinterest users. Pinterest, after all, is a buyer’s social network.

Next, I downloaded all of the relevant product images I could find and added them, to a folder and set up an automation tool/bot to post these continuously to a new Pinterest account I created. Personally, I use FollowLiker, but you can use any tool you wish. There’s even a handful of free ones available online.

Over the next couple of weeks, FollowLiker posted just under 1,000 pins onto the profile which generated 800+ clicks and just over $500 in free sales. To say the least, I was pretty surprised at just how effective this was and my mind started racing with possible ways to scale this up. You can take this same method and apply it to dozens or even hundreds of Pinterest accounts all sending traffic to your business.

It’s important to make sure you take the time to set everything up properly as you only need to do this once. You can use what’s called spintax formatting to have FollowLiker write literal thousands of custom captions for each of your pins. I go over this in-depth in the video. Also, be sure to research and use the appropriate hashtags in each pin to get even more exposure to your posts.

The one roadblock I ran into was getting FollowLiker to pin the same images over and over again. It turns out that every time FollowLiker posts an image it places it from the original folder into a “history” folder AND it won’t post an image with the same file name more than once.

To solve this, I simply set up an Apple Automator script to move the files back into the original folder and give it a random name each time. This allows the bot to post the same images again and flood Pinterest with thousands of posts about your product(s). Automator comes on every Mac computer for free and it can quickly become your new best friend for automating basic tasks like this in the future. If you’re using Windows, there are some equivalent solutions you can install and use on your PC.

Disclaimer: Always double check what Pinterest’s current limits are before automating anything on your account. Never use a tool like FollowLiker to do anything that goes against Pinterest’s terms of service. Not only is this wrong to do, but it can result in your account being banned or frozen.

I hope you guys found this video useful and maybe have a new way of generating massive amounts of passive free traffic to your Shopify store, affiliate products and anything else that you’re trying to promote online.

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