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24August 2019

How to Optimize Promoted Pin Images – Pinterest Marketing 2019 Pinterest is a visual search engine. Your images need to be top-of-the-line. For additional information including a FREE Pinterest Marketing Workshop, see https://ecommerce-optimizer.com
Our Workshop takes you on a deep dive where you will learn how to use Pinterest for business and how to apply Pinterest SEO.

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On Pinterest, it’s suggested that you create multiple images per content piece or product listing. On a product page you might have 5 images, when you have those images created, also have them formatted as PINS. This will give your Pinterest Marketing added boost making your Pinterest ads more effective.

Create compelling images that make people want to know more

5 Principles Of Promoted Pin Images Are:

1. Size Matters
The best image size ratio for promoted pins is 2 to 3
Pinterest Promoted Pin specs recommend 1000 by 1500 pixels

2. Keyword Focused Text Overlays
Using Keyword Focused Text Overlays on your PIN often promotes an easy way for Pinterest users to quickly understand what your pin is about. Pinterest now has the ability to read your text overlays so using your main keyword on your pin is an easy way to help your pin stand out in the home feed and search results

3. Include A Strong Call To Action
Pinterest allows you to use a call to action button on your pins
Put a call to action button on the PIN if you can, something similar to Pinterests’ own save button An example of an acceptable call to action button would be if you’re linking to a product page you can use a call to action button that says Shop Now. The main goal of your Promoted Pin is to convince the user to take a specific action. In order to benefit from paying for the click to your site you want them to do something like sign up for your email list or buy your product. Action buttons need to make your intent crystal clear to the person who clicks on your PIN

4. Use Clear Crisp Photography
It is important to remember that 80% of Pinterest traffic comes to you from Mobile. The photography you choose for your promotion should be high quality and easy-to-see on mobile devices. It is advisable to use lifestyle photographs that demonstrates how your product is being used in real life if possible

5. Include Branding
your pins should build brand recognition
include your logo or website address on every promoted pin image
but don’t make it overwhelming make it small and put it out of the way so that it does not distract you from the main purpose of the pin

Why Promoted Pins work? Promoted Pins on Pinterest work because they have staying power. The average half-life of a Promoted Pin is 3.5 month. Anyone who saves that promoted pin to a board will still have the Pin saved to their board long after you end the promotion!

There’s our Pinterest tips for business.

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This video is just scratching the surface of the Pinterest tips for business that you will learn in the workshop.

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