#044: How To Get More Pinterest Traffic by Crushing the Pinterest Algorithm with Jennifer Priest

7November 2019

My guest this week is Jennifer Priest from the blog, Smart Fun DIY, and the social media marketing firm, Smart Creative Social.

Jennifer shares awesome advice about how to get more Pinterest traffic by crushing the Pinterest algorithm.

By putting yourself in Pinterest’s shoes, you can understand what they’re looking for, and how by giving it to them, you will grow your traffic.

We talk about optimizing your overall Pinterest strategy, using hashtags on Pinterest, what Pinterest communities are all about, and so much more!

If you are trying to grow your Pinterest traffic, this episode is a must-listen! Plus, Jennifer is one smart cookie!


Smart Fun DIY Smart Creative Social MiloTree Catch My Party Sharer Brothers Social Media Examiner Smart Fun DIY Instagram Smart Creative Social Community MiloTree Mastermind Facebook Group Transcript: How To Get More Pinterest Traffic by Crushing the Pinterest Algorithm with Jennifer Priest Host 0:03 Welcome to The Blogger Genius Podcast. Brought to you by MiloTree. Here’s your host, Jillian Leslie.

Jillian Tohber Leslie 0:10 Hello, everyone. Welcome back to The Blogger Genius Podcast. Today I’m really excited to introduce my guest. Her name is Jennifer Priest. And she started 15 years ago in the online space as a DIY blogger. She has been doing that for this long, she’s still doing it.

Jillian Tohber Leslie 0:34 She has a digital marketing consulting firm. So we’re going to talk about both of those sides of her business. So welcome to the show, Jennifer.

Jennifer Priest 0:45 Thanks so much. I’m really glad to be here.

Why going to conferences is good for bloggers Jillian Tohber Leslie 0:48 We are trying to figure out when we met, but we have been circling each other. We’ve been at a variety of conferences. We definitely met at Vid Summit last year. We both believe in conferences and like going to conferences.

Jennifer Priest 1:04 Yeah, oh, my gosh, conferences are like one of my favorite, favorite things to do.

Jennifer Priest 1:11 I think, you know, one of the things is we work from home alone. And so it’s nice to go and see other people and interact. And it’s nice to put a face to the name. I’ve heard of MiloTree for so many years, and to be able to then go and like meet you in person and talk to you. There’s nothing that can replace that face to face connection.

Jennifer Priest 1:31 Even if we’re doing Facebook Lives, it’s so different to actually interact with someone in person. So I love just the networking aspect of it. And then there’s also the learning.

Jillian Tohber Leslie 1:42 I so agree, and it’s funny. It’s exactly what you just said. As soon as you meet somebody in real life. It is like that friendship is so solid.

Jennifer Priest 1:55 Yeah, you feel like you’re like absolutely friends. And you’re like, we literally talked for five minutes.

Jillian Tohber Leslie 2:00 But it’s like, I would trust you with my child.

Jennifer Priest 2:04 Yeah, I have a friend that we’ve actually been friends online for two years. And a couple years ago, or we were friends online for two years before we met in person. And a couple years ago, we planned this retreat, where like, six of us were bloggers and artists decided to go on this crazy trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and it was really fun.

Jennifer Priest 2:22 And we met in a restaurant, and then we’re going to carpool from the airport the rest of the way, to the place where are camping, and I was like, this is the first time we’ve actually met in person. And she’s like, no way. And I’m like, Yeah, because we’ve known each other online and through texting for two years. But, you know, that’s one of the great things about doing conferences is you can meet these people in person.

Jillian Tohber Leslie 2:44 Yes. I think it’s kind of what you were talking about. We work alone at home. And there is something to meeting another online entrepreneur that you’re, you have this feeling of like, I understand your world.

Jennifer Priest 3:03 Yeah, I mean, I don’t know anyone in my town who does anything remotely like what I do. I’d probably have to drive an hour to find someone local, that would even understand.

Jennifer Priest 3:14 My family, my husband and my kids get it. But like my extended family, they’re just like, you do something on the internet.

Jillian Tohber Leslie 3:20 Right, right. So there is that sense of what it’s like to sit at your computer in your pajamas, you know, working on something that needs to get done for tomorrow.

Jennifer Priest 3:34 Yep. Yep. Or getting up at five in the morning. Because you’re like my blog post due today. I didn’t finish it.

Jillian Tohber Leslie 3:41 Yes. I think there is that kindred spirit element to when you meet somebody in real life. And you can say, hey, let’s talk SEO. And you both know exactly what that means.

Jennifer Priest 3:55 That and I think too,…

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