1/7: Working Tabs Overview (Guest Posting System)

23February 2019

Earlier Video from This Playlist:
“Introduction to Guest Posting System – https://youtu.be/xEDeHYYICO8”


In this video I give you a bird’s eye view of the guest posting system that we use at Linkshero.

You can get the Google Sheet file here (click File: Make a Copy): https://goo.gl/aa2YdU

Inside the sheet you’ll find:

– Prospecting-1 Tab.
This is our workflow planning tab.
Everything goes in there.
I like planning campaigns on monthly basis.

– Prospecting – 2 Tab.
This is where all our leads go to.
Everything that we find during prospecting stage gets secured here.

– Search Operators Tab.
These are simple “bread crumbs” that will help you find what you are looking for – guest post opportunities!

– Guest Posts Tab.
As soon as you get your guest post secured, you’d want to keep track of this opportunity – this is what this tab is for.

This is a BIG present and if you got a chance to do a good thing, please do so and contribute to a charity of your choice.

I regularly contribute to http://www.podari.life/.

Do well by doing good…

Artem the Linkshero

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