(100%) Best Link Building (Backlinks) Bangla Tutorial for SEO (2020 Strategies)

21December 2019

In this link building tutorial video, you will learn quality link building strategies and techniques for #SEO in Bangla (2020 Update).

Link building is the main important part of Off-Page SEO strategy.

Google revealed that backlink is one of the primary ranking factors in their algorithm.


It’s clear that if you want to rank your keyword in Google, you have to build do-follow #Backlinks.

Not any backlinks…

Need only quality backlinks.

But what is backlink?

Backlinks are an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another (your) website.

Link building is the process of acquiring backlinks from other websites to your website.

Now, What is a high-quality backlink in Search Engine Optimization?

* Come From Trusted, Authoritative Websites (high domain authority)
* Related Keyword In The Link’s Anchor Text
* Topically Related To Your Site [Digital Marketing blog link to SEO blog]
* The Link Is a “Dofollow” Link
* The backlink Is From a Domain That Hasn’t Linked to You Before
* Link from the body of the content (Contextual backlinks)
* Backlinks that HARD to build or earn (forbes.com, lifehacker.com, inc.com, etc.)

Today you have good news:

You will learn in this #LinkBuilding tutorial video, how to build awesome contextual do follow backlinks to your blog post or website.

My few Case Studies:

I have ranked few high search volume keywords in Google by applying the link building strategies from this link building tutorial in Bengali.

Not only Google, Bing also mentioned that quality backlinks are must to rank well in search engines.

The question is:

How to build backlinks for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Start with the following link building techniques (Bengali 2020 update):

Find evergreen high search volume keywords.
Make 10x better content than first-page ranked competitors. (Tata Bye Bye Technique)
Check Competitor Backlinks.
Link Roundup/Weekly Link Roundup
Resource Page Link Building
Broken Link Building
Guest Posting
Expert Roundup Post

If you follow the step-by-step link building techniques and strategies (Bangla 2020 update) from this video you can beat your competitors in Google.

I hope you like my link building tutorial in Bangla.

Don’t forget:

Only focus on quality backlinks for SEO.

Google will penalize your blog or website if you build blackhat low quality links.

Don’t try to fool Google.

Google is more smarter that US 


Work hard and smart to build high-quality white-hat backlinks.

Pro Tips: Follow the Link Building guideline from this video to rank in Google (fast!).

You can learn how to rank on Google in Bangla 2020.

In short: This is one of the best link building tutorials in Bangla.

Yes! Seriously….

Keep watching the video to know how to build backlinks to your website

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