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27July 2020

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SEO Training 2020: Learn secret SEO strategies to beat competitors with On-Page, Technical & Off-Page SEO – A Course By SEO Agency Founder

What you’ll learn ?

The fundamentals of how SEO works that no one has taught you
Real life practical knowledge that you can instantly implement and see results
Get access to my secret SEO tips and tricks which I have gathered from my real life experience
Important SEO ranking factors that you should focus on
All the necessary on-page, technical and off-page SEO
Understand what works and what doesn’t for SEO in 2020 and beyond
Determine content and SEO strategies to outrank your competitors
Set up necessary plugins to improve your WordPress SEO
Build authority and trust in Google’s eye for ranking consistently on the top
Complete SEO checklist
Bonuses to help you rank higher on Google in no time

Requirements :

Students must be Aware or heard of SEO
Need to have WordPress website to use necessary plugins
Have internet access
Passion for the subject

Description :

Are you struggling to get results from learning SEO by yourself?

Thinking of giving up on SEO? Think again because…This course is here!

Introducing The Complete SEO Training, the only course out there which focuses on a practically oriented approach to help you understand everything about SEO better.

Learn Everything Necessary About SEO by SEO Agency Founder To help You Rank On The Top Of Google And Search Engines.

Throughout the course, I will be teaching you the concept + how to implement it on the real-world website, so you can have a clear idea and understanding.

Who this course is for ?

Beginners who are aware of SEO
People who have started doing SEO but have seen little to no results
Bloggers/Affiliate marketer who wants to improve the SEO ranking of their sites
Any business owners who are tired of scam SEO agency and want to start doing SEO on their own


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