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28July 2019

SEO Training Drive Thousands of Visitors to Your Site!

Course Requirements:
All aspects of this course are introductory and do not require any expertise. I walk through each step with live screenshots so you can see exactly how to implement these strategies.

Course Description:

You will make your money back on this course in just 2 weeks! No BS!

In January 2014, I started an eCommerce business with zero SEO experience. I knew I needed immediate traffic and sales to earn money in order to reinvest. I decided to take a completely non-convention route, and started selling 5 figures a month without any advertising budget or traffic from Google. So far this year, I have sold nearly $85,000 through unconventional strategies discussed in this course. I ENDED 2014 WITH JUST SHY OF $100,000 IN TOTAL SALES!

This course provides a detailed strategy on driving traffic to your new website without a large advertising budget or SEO experience, and then how to convert that traffic in sales. You do not need ANY technical background to take this course, as the techniques discussed are for people just getting started in eCommerce.

I’ve shared these tips with many other successful eCommerce entrepreneurs, and based on the success others have seen, decided that there is great value in sharing the strategy. From taking this course, you WILL create many streams of traffic to your website WITHOUT spending lots of money on advertising.

I enjoy engaging with all students who take this course, and bouncing ideas off other Internet Marketers. If you sign up for this course, you can communicate with me whenever you’d like 1:1. If there are topics that you’d like for me to discuss on this course that aren’t currently included, please let me know so I can put together a lecture series!

Who is the target audience?
This course is perfect for anybody that is growing their eCommerce business from the ground up on a BUDGET. The strategies discussed in this course are for bootstrapped businesses looking to diversify their traffic and better convert visitors to buyers.
This course is NOT ideal for people looking to increase their knowledge of SEO practices. The methods discussed in this course are unique and unconventional.

Curriculum For This Course:
Expand All 35 Lectures 02:17:32
1 Getting Started – Meet Your Instructor 05:19,
– Introduction – Meet Your Instructor 05:19,
2 Building an Affiliate Army 18:39,
– Getting Hundreds of People Around the Web to Drive Traffic 05:45,
– Building Your Salesforce and Giving Them Tools for Success 05:28,
– Setting Up Your Program in Under an Hour 07:26,
3 Making Money Off Mark Zuckerberg 38:49,
– Keys to a Successful Facebook Campaign 06:08,
– 6 Steps to Monetize Facebook Preview 03:18,
– Create a Beautiful Facebook Ad/Post 04:41,
– Easily Building a High Converting Landing Page to Sell or Capture Leads 04:27,
– Building Your IDEAL Target Audience 06:27,
– Creating a High Converting Follow Up Strategy 06:31,
– Monitoring Conversion and ROI 04:28,
– Conclusion and Review 02:49,
4 Obtaining Your First 1000 Twitter Followers 11:33,
– Building An Audience 05:53,
– Being Aware of Twitter’s Rules and Regulations 05:40,
Guest Posting 22:23,
– Benefits of Guest Posting for Backlinks and SEO Purposes 02:33,
– Finding Quality Opportunities 05:24,
– Locking Up Guest Posting Appearances 04:57,
– The Email I Use Every Time To Get High Quality Opportunities 02:36,
– Preparing For Your Post & Final Thoughts 03:38,
– Making Your Post a Traffic Driving Machine 03:15,
5 Retargetting and PPC Advertising 16:18,
– Retargeting – Following Your Visitors Until They Buy 03:30,
– Keys to Successful Retargeting 02:59,
– Creating Retargeting Ads that Generate CLICKS 02:44,
– Following the Right Visitors 02:05,
– Spending Your Money Right: Tracking Conversion 03:05,
– Selecting the Best Retargeting Option 01:55,
6 Email Marketing 11:43,
– Keys to Successful Email Marketing 01:51,
– Effectively Building Your List 01:27,
– Building Email Capture Magnets ,
– Preview 03:46,
– Turning Subscribers into Buyers 04:39,
7 Conclusion 12:48,
– Tracking Your Progress: The FUN Part! 02:43,
– Setting Up Google Analytics 03:36,
– Installing Analytics Plugin on WordPress 01:13,
– Checking Out Some Analytics Reports 04:25,
– Closing/Final Thoughts 00:51, .


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