26 Guest Posting Solidy Your Position As a Thought Leader

9August 2020

Course Description
At the end of this course, you’ll not only understand the theory of search engine optimisation but you’ll also have the actionable steps and tools to dramatically increase a websites position in the Search Results.
Getting to the top of the search results is the goal of search engine optimisation because the higher you appear in the search results, the more free traffic you’ll get which means more sales and more money in your pocket!
This course is different from many others out there because I take a holistic approach and will cover theThree Pillars of Powerful SEO in one course:
1. Keyword Research: How to find keywords that attract visitors who want to buy
2. On Page Optimisation: How to increase your site visibility in the search engines
3. Off page optimisation: How to build authority on your site using links so Google will rank you ahead of competitors.
Because my goal is to get you up to speed as quickly as possible, I’ve been careful to make the course lectures snappy, efficient and always delivered in plain english. Throughout the course, I’ve also included lots of examples to help you retain the key concepts and strategies we discuss.
This course is a valuable investment to make in yourself because SEO is a skill you can use for your own online ventures AND ALSO bring to table to help friends, colleagues and other business partners.
Believe me, the only regret you’re going to have is that you didn’t find this course 6 months ago and get started then.
So go ahead and hit the “take this course” button and I’ll see you inside the course!

Play List
A. Search Engine Optimisation SEO is Not That Complicated
1. FREE PREVIEW. If You Can Remember These Two Words You ll Understand SEO
2. Websites vs. Webpages. there s a huge difference for SEO
3. FREE REPORT. What s Your SEO Score Take The Test
4. How Search Engines Work. A Visual Explanation

B. Which Keywords Should You Optimize For
5. How I Use Your Feedback
6. FREE PREVIEW. Keyword Research. The Foundation of SEO
7. Attract Buyers Not Just Visitors. Choose Keywords With Commercial Intent. NB
8. Keyword Brainstorming. the Easy Way 3 FREE TOOLS
9. See What Your Customers Are Searching For. Google Keyword Planner FREE TOOL
10. Finalise Your Keyword Selection. Assess the Competition. The Easy Way

C On_Page Optimisation – Where to Place Your Keywords
11. On-Page SEO. Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page
12. URL Optimisation. Best Practices for SEO
13. FREE PREVIEW. Title Tag and Meta Description. Your First Sales Pitch
14. Heading Tags and Copy Optimization. Give Your SEO a Boost
15. Image Optimization. How to Appear in Google Image Search Results
16. Interlinking Pages Outgoing Links and Social Share Buttons. The Finishing Touches

D Off_Page_Optimisation – Link Building Introduction
17. The Types of Links that Really Matter and How to Get Them
18. Black Hat SEO. Are Paid Links Worth it
19. Do Follow Links vs. No Follow Links. The Crucial Difference for SEO
20. Do Social Signals Impact SEO

E Off Page Optimisation – 6 Month Link Building Roadmap
21. Competitor Backlink Analysis. Replicate Their Rankings
22. Create Ego Bait. Get The Attention of Key Influencers in Your Niche
23. Modelling Success. A Content Strategy That Will Gaurantee Links
24. Building Links with Infographics. Create a Visual Resource
25. Slideshare. Build Links With a Compelling Presentation
26. Guest Posting. Solidy Your Position As a Thought Leader
27. 6 Ways To Maximise Links for Your SEO Campaigns
28. Link Building Pro Tip. Get Ranked Fast With GooglePlus

F Final Thoughts and Thanks
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