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31December 2019

Here are 5 hacks that will generate more social shares and social traffic.
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Hack #1: Click to tweet – when someone is reading your blog content, this allows them to easily share quotes, facts and anything else you want.

This should more than double your social traffic from Twitter.

Hack #2: Scroll social icons – similar to what I have on my blog, you want your social sharing icons to scroll with the user. This way everyone will constantly see them as they are reading your content.

By doing this, more people will click on them, which will cause more social shares.

You can use AddThis to accomplish this.

Hack #3: Make your images easy to share – using AddThis you can make it where your images are sharable. This works extremely well if you want more Pinterest traffic.

Might as well do it as you nothing to lose, assuming you have images on your blog.

Hack #4: Email out people you link to – if you link to someone in your blog post, why not email them out so they know.

Now when emailing them, ask them to share your content. It’s really easy to get people to share your content assuming you are linking to them.

Hack #5: Participate on the social web – the more you participate the more popular your social profiles will be. So when you share your content you will be more likely to generate social traffic.

You can also participate in groups. For example, I participate in 10 plus LinkedIn groups and every once in a while I also add my content to these groups as it drives traffic.

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