5 Killer Strategies to Turbo Charge Your Pinterest Traffic!

11February 2019

“Pinterest Traffic” – How to Drive Traffic to your Offers with Pinterest!
I’m going to go over exactly what you can do to use Pinterest to drive more blog traffic consistently. How to scale it up, and how to ensure that traffic sticks!

I believe you’ll really benefit from these tips. So, let’s go ahead and get started.

Alright, first of all I do recommend you go through my Pinterest Marketing Video Vault So you are set up right! It includes everything like: branding you the right way, profile optimization, boards optimization, perfecting your SEO so you actually rank in search and your videos are shown as related videos. It’s doing wonders for our blog and YouTube Videos! How to make money on Pinterest etc. You definitely want to find out what has changed since the February Algorithm change. And there is a lot!

So I most definitely recommend that You check that Vault out after you go through this tutorial and watch the video, because it makes sense and compliments the content herein!

So let’s get into the deep end of how to use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to your blog video below!

I lay out for you A SURE strategy on how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your offers. Yes, I know you are focused on Twitter marketing, we cannot ignore Facebook. Boy that LinkedIn is looking good right now and that Jess said you could get a stream of traffic from G+. I hear ya and I say ADD Pinterest to that list today and you will be telling a different story by this time next year! 

Now I could be wrong and please don’t take my word for it, but according to Chinese whispers, and we know they are usually right; Facebook might be in the process of taking away the organic reach of posts even more from Fan Pages. Its already low at 3%… 

This could mean that the only way we can reach a viable audience would be through Facebook ads. In fact, it’s already happening to a great extent. The number of Fan Pages with no reach at all is huge. Many are as quiet as Cemeteries! Sadly, the owners have no clue what to do, OR they are too blinkered to seek help.

So, listen up, if you’re on a tight or NO budget, in need of blog traffic and hoping for a turnaround from the plethora of Social Media Changes! If you have taken a big hit from these updates.
I am here to assure you that you can effectively use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog if you know what to do!

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