6 Ways to Get Facebook Likes Without Paid Advertising

16December 2019

Facebook likes are the number of people who subscribe to your Facebook page to see your posts in their newsfeed, by clicking on the like tab below your banner. As challenging as it can be to get more likes on Facebook for free, it is worth the effort. The more Facebook page likes you have the easier it will be to get your message out there, the more social proof you’ll have the more engagement you’ll receive and in time, benefit from word of mouth.

There are 6 main ways you can increase Facebook likes on your page without advertising your page.

1) Guest posting

Guest posting is when you publish content from your page onto another page. When you do, your post will link back to your page. So if you’ve left a valuable, interesting post, the fans of the page who see that post are likely to check out your page and like it. In order to guest post, simply perform a keyword search using Facebook’s search engine to find pages that have a lot of likes on Facebook and that might attract your target audience.
You can either leave a comment below one of their posts, or you can publish your own post. Not every page will allow you to publish your own post, as they might have disabled that option in the “settings” section. Make sure you publish a post or comment as your page and not as your profile to get likes on Facebook.

1) Contests
Facebook contests can be used to get more likes on Facebook as they invite people to like your page for a chance to win something.
Make sure the giveaway you decide on is appealing, unique, has high perceived value, is difficult to acquire outside the contest and relevant to your business. Avoid giving cash giveaways for example as you won’t attract people who are necessarily interested in your business and it will become tricky to market to them your products in the future. Also, make sure you set a specific date for when your contest ends. If your contest runs for too long, it will lose its appeal, people won’t be in a rush to enter and you won’t get likes on Facebook fast enough.

1) Multi-dimensional posts
Another way to increase your Facebook likes without depending on paid advertising is by publishing multi-dimensional posts on your page. Your posts should be a combination of videos, quotes, testimonials, commentary, reviews, responses to questions, informational posts, animated images and personal stories to humanize your brand.

1) Other touch points
To get more likes on Facebook, you should also take advantage of your other touch points such as your website, newsletter and business card. Once you’ve customized your Facebook URL with a user-friendly one, which is short, easy to spell and easy to remember, (rather than the long one Facebook gives you by default, with a series of numbers,) add this URL on your business card, at the bottom of your emails and on your marketing leaflets, and then add a widget on your website that redirects to your Facebook page. This will point whoever lands on any of your touch points to your page and increase your Facebook page likes.

1) Leverage your contacts
A fast way to also get Facebook likes for free is by inviting your existing contacts to like your page. They might not be your ideal target market, but it’s still a start. For example, send an email to your email contacts asking them to like your page in exchange for an incentive. Your email could simply state that you are looking to share more information with people who are interested in your topic using Facebook, and to like your page to receive this information. Plus, when they like your page, tell them they can receive a complimentary copy of one of your products.
To get even more Facebook page likes, you can also send the same message to your social media contacts, if you use Linkedin, Instagram or any other social network. If you keep in touch with your contacts mainly by phone, you could send them a personal text message with the same offer.

1) Become follow-worthy
One reason people may struggle to get likes on Facebook is because their page is not follow-worthy. In other words, their page doesn’t look good and is unappealing to their target audience. If you suspect that’s the case, make sure you optimize your page by having a profile picture. Your profile picture could be a head shot of you if you are the face of your brand or your logo if you are not the face of your brand.
Then, make sure your banner reflects the end result of your product or service and displays your target audience.

And in general, make sure your profile is complete, with a keyword rich “about” section, interesting posts published consistently and includes any further information important to people.
That way, once people land on your Facebook page, they’re most likely to become a fan.

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