7 BEST PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS ONLINE in 2020 (that Earn $1000 per month or more!)

27March 2020

Learn the best way of making passive income online that earn over $1000 per month. Passive Income streams that will work for you this year and beyond!
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Have you ever asked yourself this: is it possible to make money even while I sleep? Now, you might be here because you just recently left your day job and you dream of working from home. Or, you still have a 9-5 job but you are also looking for a side hustle that can eventually become your main source of income. Well, I am here to give some ideas on how you can make passive income online! Yes, you can be in the comfort of your own home wearing pajamas and earning money!

But first, what IS passive income? Is it any different from the income you receive at your regular 9-5 job?
To simply define it, what you earn from your day job is called active income. This type of income requires you to do some kind of work or basically trade your time for money. Active income stops the moment you stop doing your work or putting your time and effort onto your job.
How can you make a $1000 a month or more in passive income?
Again, remember that if you want a consistent and efficient stream of passive income, then you have to do some high-quality work first. And because you are doing this online and the Internet never rests, you can make money even while you sleep!
So here is MY top-7 of online passive income ideas for this year – watch the full video to see how much I make and how much you can make with each of these passive income strategies online:
1. Making Youtube Videos
2. Blogging
3. Online course sales
4. Affiliate Marketing
5. Digital product sales
6. Do a subscription-based service
7. Sponsored Mentions


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