7 Internet Traffic Secrets Reviewed

8March 2020

Here are 7 internet traffic secrets reviewed and explained.

1. Syndicate in depth articles on Medium.com
Create a guest posting plan and schedule.
In depth, valuable, and helpful.
Always provide a call to action linking back to your sites.
Increase domain credibility with links from these power domains.
Receive weekly article readership updates.

2. Syndicate unique in depth articles on LinkedIn.com

3. Recruit guest post for your website. It’s referred to as the “Upside Down Post”. Which leverages the guest posters desire to share the article and increase your traffic.

4. Host a giveaway contest using Rafflecopter.com with one of the requirements being visiting your website as an entry. All which can be automated by Rafflecopter.

5. Create and distribute videos like this one by creating a Youtube channel. Create videos that address a specific pain your audience wants to get away from or a specific goal your prospect has to increase happiness.

6. Publish list content related posts in your own website/ blog. The more numbered related type posts you can release that share tips. The better.

7. Leverage viral social media related posts by periodically googling what are the most engaging posts for the related topic and year. Model those with your own social accounts to drive traffic.

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