8 Killer Strategies For Boosting Pinterest Traffic

2January 2019

http://selfmadesuccess.com – Start boosting your Pinterest Traffic with these 8 killer, low cost strategies that work every time.

If you aren’t taking advantage of Pinterest for your marketing, you may want to start. Learn how to use pictures, videos, infographics and different promotional strategies to get more pins and social media shares.

Hey guys I’m going to go over some great strategies for you today on Pinterest and how to create a good traffic stream from that and you might not have even considered that for your business yet because you may have been focusing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, maybe Linkedin to go along with that. I’ve heard recently that Facebook actually could completely get rid of the organic posts from Facebook Pages. That would mean the only way to get through to your fans would be through ads. So, if you’re on a budget, if you’re trying to get some social media traffic and trying not to take a big hit from some of the updates that have been coming through. You know Pinterest is a great source. I’m going to go over exactly what you can do to get some traffic from them and how to make it consistent, scale it up, you know and how to set up everything and get a good profile, get a good brand going and I think you’ll really benefit from these tips. So, lets go ahead and get started. Alright, first of all I did make a post before on getting your Pinterest setup and everything and getting your profile optimized, getting your boards optimized, getting the keywords stuff down and it’s called 15 Pinterest Marketing Tips. You might want to check that out before you, for kind of a complement to this video and it will tell you about you know the profiles, the other things that matter as far as setting up as far as branding yourself the right way as far as getting your pins to actually rank in the search area of Pinterest and stuff like that will really actually help you a lot as far as just understanding how their algorithm works and things like that. So, I definitely recommend reading this post and it’ll help you get your first few followers, it’ll help you know how to structure your pictures maybe and it’ll tell you about things like keywords and stuff like that. Okay? So, when you have time, read that, you might want to take some notes from this one and that one to kind of combine that strategies I teach you. And also, I’m going to go over branding pictures next and basically when you want to brand the picture, I recommend you put your business URL at the corner of your pins. Now make sure they’re unique. You don’t want to just take other peoples’ stuff, put it on your Pinterest profile and then add your URL to it, trying to say that it is made by you. Okay? And if you make your own unique content like this picture for instance I added a quote, added a picture to it, things like that, so it’s an original piece. So, I can add my URL to it and if it gets shared on Pinterest people will all see my website on their and a certain percentage of them will be curious about it and check it out. So, that gets me more traffic. It helps me get more leads and it helps me get more sales. https://www.facebook.com/mrjustinbryant

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