8 Powerful Ways to Use “inurl” in Ahrefs’ Content Explorer

15March 2019

How powerful is the “inurl” feature when used with Ahrefs’ Content Explorer? This video shows you 8 actionable tactics for more efficient topic research and prospecting.
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Content Explorer is a part of Ahrefs’ SEO Toolset, which is like a mini search engine made for SEOs and marketers.

With Content Explorer, you can search for any keyword or phrase and find all relevant pages along with their SEO metrics on the topic.

But when you add the “inurl” operator to your queries, you can prospect faster, find low competition topics, and even use them to find partners and topics for your YouTube videos.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn 8 powerful queries to do just that. Here they are.

1. Find new pages that are generating links fast.
2. Find old posts and steal their links for “Skyscraper technique” link building campaigns.
3. Find sites that will likely accept your infographic.
4. Find guest posting opportunities that are extremely relevant.
5. Find pages for “resource page” link building.
6. Find places to get interviewed.
7. Find YouTube collaboration opportunities.
8. The “Double Dipping Technique” for YouTube.

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