9 Pinterest Marketing Tips for Beginners in 2019

12August 2019

Here are our 9 Pinterest tips for beginners. Use Pinterest marketing to quickly grow traffic to your website or blog.

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How to Use Pinterest for Business – Pinterest Marketing 2019

Using Pinterest for business can help you grow traffic to your website quickly and without a lot of effort. Follow our 9 Pinterest marketing tips for beginners:

1) Use 2×3 Images – Images pinned to Pinterest should be 2×3 or 600 x 900 pixels. By using the ideal image size, your pins will be shown to more people. If you pin wider pins they will be shrunk to a fixed with and be very short and not take up much space when shown and if you use really tall images they will be cut off to the 2×3 ratio. 2×3 images will greatly outperform images of other sizes. Bonus tip: Add 2×3 images to your blog or website so when Pinterest users on your website they have ideally sized pins to pin to their Pinterest account.

2) Add Text to Images – Include text overlay on your images. If you only pin images, there will be fewer interactions and clicks to your website. Most of the time, people won’t read the descriptions of the pins so if you want people to stop browsing, pay attention to your pin and click through to your website, add text to your Pinterest pins

3) Pinterest SEO – Write long descriptions for both boards and pins. Write complete sentences including relevant keywords. You can use up as much of the 500 characters for both boards and pins. This will give Pinterest good information to help it understand your pins and boards to effectively show them in search results.

4) Use Hashtags – For the last year and a half, you have been able to use hashtags on Pinterest. You can click on hashtags on pins and also search by hashtags. Searching by hashtags is different than plain text searches. Hashtag searches show the most recent content posted using the hashtags instead of the most relevant content when searching by plain text. Bonus tip: Install the Pinterest Chrome plugin, if you start typing # it gives you the number of times the hashtag has been used (its popularity). Stick with popular hashtags that have more volume (e.g. # menssuits instead of # mensnavysuits)

5) Pin 10+ Times per Day – It’s important to be active on Pinterest. Pin over 10 times per day, you won’t get penalized for pinning too much, some people pin 20 or 30 times a day. It’s also good to get on the platform frequently and repin a few pins, follow users, basically be an active participant on the platform. This will help you grow your following and reach.

6) Share Useful Content – You can start growing an audience on Pinterest even before you are creating any of your own content. Share other people’s content to your Pinterest account. Even when you are creating your own content, best practices recommend continuing to share other people’s content for around 50% of your pins.

7) Schedule Your Pins – Pinning consistently and frequently is important on Pinterest. We recommend either using Sprout Social to schedule all your social media posts (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) or Tailwind App, an app for scheduling posts on Pinterest and Instagram.

8) Claim Your Website – If you claim your website on Pinterest, you will enable better analytics so you can see how many impressions, views and clicks there are to your website. This includes the data of when others are sharing links to your website on Pinterest.

9) Activate Pinterest Rich Pins – By enabling Pinterest rich pins, more information will be shown any time you or anyone else shares links to your website on Pinterest. When blog posts are shared, rich pins will always display your website, article title, publication date and author. Studies have shown that by using rich pins, you will grow your reach and also clicks to your website.

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