Authority Builders Customer Success Story: Shawn Shafai – Agency Owner

5September 2019

“I’ve exposed several of the website projects in my portfolio to Authority Builders, and in terms of the links that I’m getting from them, I’ve already seen ranking improvements in all of those projects that I’m working on.”

Shawn’s Results

– Ranking improvements for all websites using Authority Builders
– Significant jumps in ranking improvements
– Access to high quality, white hat guest posting sites

How Authority Builders helped Shawn
– Intuitive, straight forward dashboard
– Top quality link building and guest posting services
– Excellent vetting on websites to ensure high quality now and in the future
– Great communication throughout the process

Here’s Shawn’s experience of working with Authority Builders, in his own words…

Tell us about your company

My name is Shawn Shafai. I own a digital marketing agency called Red Fin Marketing. I’ve been doing that for probably closing in on 20 years, so a very long time.

What specific problem were you looking to solve, that led you to discover Authority Builders?

What Authority Builders focus on, in terms of providing guest post services, is something that’s really critical in digital marketing.

Especially in recent years. It’s a lot about building authority and having the right type of references online.

What were the pain points of not having a solution to this problem?

The two biggest things that I look for in this type of service, and what Authority Builders solves for me, is:

Effectiveness is one of the things that’s critical. Obviously I want results for the projects that I’m working on.

The second thing is around what I would call safety. It’s making sure that the websites that we’re referencing online are both safe today and they’ll remain that way.

What I mean by that is that we want those websites that are very high quality, in terms of the content that they have and the traffic that they’re attracting, and then also the practices that they have.

Did you consider any other options?

I do some link building on my own, and I’ve also used some other services, at least one or two other services out there.

While I’ve had interesting results with going it my own way, or using another service, what I’ve seen is that, ultimately, the things that are most important to me are the effectiveness of the solution, is it being safe and giving me predictable results, but also overall on how they deliver their services, in terms of the interface of being able to go in and specify what I need.

If there’s issues with the order, the order management, order tracking, and communication from the team of Authority Builders have all been really good.

Were there specific doubts or concerns you had about going ahead?

In the back of your mind you’re thinking; is it going to be everything it’s cracked up to be?

Authority Builders comes very highly recommended, in terms of the team that’s behind it. They have a good track record with doing that, so that set my mind at ease somewhat.

But still, the proof is in the pudding, and I had to see how my initial orders over the first month or so went. After I was able to do that, that’s where a lot of confidence came forward, in terms of what they’re able to deliver.

When did you realize working with Authority Builders was producing results?

I think even from the moment that you start using their website interface, and you pick the sites that you’re after, go through the order process, and the immediate emails that start flowing.

There’s a lot of communication every step of the way.

Very quickly I was able to see that it’s a very well documented process by the whole team at Authority Builders.

I was able to quickly see that they’re running a very high quality business and that the service is going to be delivered in a meaningful way.

Then, of course, after that, it’s just waiting for the actual results to see the quality of the work from that perspective. That’s also been very positive.

What were the big wins have you achieved by working with Authority Builders?

There’s been some good tangible results.

I’ve exposed several of the website projects in my portfolio to Authority Builders and, in terms of the links that I’m getting from them, I’ve already seen ranking improvements in all of those projects that I’m working on right now.

For example, one case that’s in my mind is, something was ranking around 35, when it jumped to 24. There’s been several of those types of jumps that I think are very significant.

What would you say to someone thinking of working with Authority Builders?

I would say Authority Builders really delivers on the promises, and the hopes that we have.

Even following up to make sure that these sites have the best practices themselves, that it’s not just something that looks good today, but they’ll continue to work for you and continually vetting the inventory of folks that they work with. That’s really important!

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