Bad Links (How to avoid and what to do with them)

7September 2019

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What makes link BAD?
Julie Joyce – host
Marie Haynes, Andy Drinkwater and Jared McKiernan – guests
4:13 – Is Google still handing out unnatural link penalties?

6:43 – Should we be using the disavow tool if a site has unnatural links?

9:45 – Should you wait until you get a manual action in order to analyze your backlinks?

11:58 – Should you bother trying to have bad links taken down, nofollowed, etc, or should you move straight to disavowing them?

14: 21 – How quickly do sites tend to recover once they have cleaned up their links or disavowed them?

15:59 – How can you get the most comprehensive list of backlinks possible for your site?

18:03 – What is your process for finding the potentially bad links? What tools do you use?

12: 12 – How can you tell if you should disavow a link? What exactly do you look at to make this determination?

22:42 – How big a role does your intuition play in deciding how to handle bad links?

23:55 – Is guest posting a good way to get links?

26:58 – If you have written a guest post and the webmaster sells a link in it, would you disavow it?

27:08 – Are footer / blogroll links dangerous?

29:29 – Should I use a provider off Warrior Forum for backlinks? How dangerous is buying links from Fiverr?

31:58 – Are Quora links useful?

33:18 – Are there any types of links that you think will definitely hurt you?

35: 19 – Do you recommend disavowing nofollowed links?

36: 47 – When people use a service like PR Web the links are nofollowed but I’ve seen other sites pick up these press releases and follow the links. Do you recommend disavowing those if the anchors are heavily keywordized?

38: 49 – Is there a limit to how many times you should submit a disavow file?

40:30 – How would you proceed if your goal was to get a link penalty in the shortest time possible?

42:45 – Have you seen good sites get penalized accidentally?

43:52 – What’s the worst link profile you’ve ever seen?

46:15 – Do bad links have more or less “link juice”? Or is the juice contained within somehow rotten?

48:05 – If you’re determining what to do with bad links for your own site, should you check to see if they’re sending you traffic before removing them, if your plan is to remove links?

49:30 – If your site is an English American website and many links are from a foreign language site such as a Russian website but are from pages or websites that are talking about the same topic as your site, are they good or bad?

50:35 – Do you usually disavow URLs or just go for the full domain?

51: 08 – Do you usually disavow domains that are for sale?

51:49 – If a site is doing fine and doesn’t have any major issues would you recommend they do a link audit and disavow low-quality links or should they just leave things alone?

52:08 – Would you disavow a site just because it had low metrics?

54: 38 – Although I disavowed a spammy link, it still appears in my GSC. What should I do?

56:15 – How do you handle doing a link audit if you have disavowed a lot of domains? Is there a way to analyze the links accurately?

57:04 – When I attended Brighton SEO Conference in Sept 2017, a representative from Google did a Q&A and was asked if we can ‘ignore’ the spammy links as Google understands that these are spam. What are your thoughts on this? And are there any plans to incorporate this information into the SEMRush reports so we don’t panic each time we get a ‘warning’ email.? Thank you.

58:35 – Have you seen people disavowing great domains or something crazy like all sites?

59:13 – What’s the biggest tip you have for keeping a clean link profile?

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