Boost Pinterest traffic to your website by making custom pins using PicMonkey

10October 2019

A video for beginners (because I’m a beginner too!!). In this video I’ll show you how a newbie to both Picmonkey and Pinterest can create some quick and easy pictures on and then upload them to your Pinterest boards.

When I made this video I’d spent less than an hour on Pic Monkey and I just set up my Pinterest account yesterday.

Its not the most advanced video, but it’ll show you that getting starting doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Pinterest can be an amazing way to increase traffic to your website. It is my primary traffic generator for my blog. And sometimes the Pinterest algorithm can be a bit of a mystery, but consistency in your pinning, and providing new content into the Pinterest universe is a good indicator to Pinterest that you’re a worthy, dedicated pinner.

Remember use keywords in your Pinterest titles and pin description because Pinterest is itself a search engine too. So remember your search engine optimization principles.

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