Buzzsumo alternatives – 5 content discovery tools to find viral ideas

29December 2019

5 Excellent #BuzzsumoAlternatives

5 Content Discovery Tools To Ramp Up Your Content Marketing Game

Buzzsumo is a popular tool for online marketers, making it easy to find #viralstories and use them as inspiration for topic ideas that will resonate with your target audience. It is loaded with awesome features, but we want cheaper software that can get the same job done.

Here are the five alternatives to Buzzsumo that topped our list: Content Studio, Content Explorer, Graphy STories, EpicBeat, and Right Relevance. Each of these online tools has its pros and cons and distinctive features. Out of these amazing tools, I find myself using EpicBeat the most, but Content Studio boasts the most features which can be useful for #contentautomation. I recommend checking out all of them to see which one works best for your content marketing campaign.

Using #ViralPosts To Generate Content

Now, you know what tools to use to find the stories your target audience likes to talk about. Your next order of business is to figure out what to do with these stories and how to leverage them to make your business generate some noise. The following are useful tips on how to use viral stories to boost traffic and engagement.

Share The Content: If you’re an authoritative figure in your niche, then you probably have an audience who is ready to listen to anything you say. Instead of spending too much time trying to think of a way to use the different #contentdiscovery tools, you should consider sharing the viral posts you find with your community.

Curate Posts: Once you have gathered several stories from a variety of sources, you should have enough information to create a post of your own. For instance, you can enumerate tips from different experts and then add your own ideas to the mix. Being a #contentcurator is an effective way to engage your audience while providing them with an excellent resource for their needs.

Create Similar Topics: Content searching tools are meant to inspire you to think of topic ideas, so once you find interesting content, think of a new angle for the topic. A simple way is to create a topic which expounds on an idea explained in a post you found from another source.

Publish Guest Posts: Another way to leverage the power of content discovery tools is to find opportunities for guest posting, as you will surely find plenty of websites related to your niche. These websites share the same target audience so that you can expose your business to highly targeted traffic.

Team Up With Influencers: #Influencermarketing has become so popular over the past few years simply because it helps drive targeted visitors to your site with the help of a popular figure. You can use the tools to find authoritative figures in your industry and then reach out to them. By connecting with influencers, your posts will be shared with their thousands of targeted followers.

Use It As A Social Listening Tool: The process of #sociallistening involves keeping track of the conversations happening in social media. By knowing what topics your audience is interested in, you will have an easier time thinking of new posts to publish on your site. Actively listening to the discussions of your visitors and followers allows you to keep up with the trends and avoid missed opportunities of generating laser-targeted traffic and improving existing content to deliver real value to your customers.

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