Christen & Anne Talk Affiliate Marketing: Making Money on Pinterest

7January 2020

Christen Evans and Anne Parris target how affiliates can make money on Pinterest. Here are the ten questions reviewed on the video:

Does Pinterest allow affiliate links? (Yes. They had stripped links at one time, but now allow it again.Per their community guidelines: ”Do feel free to use affiliate links and other pay-per-click payment structures as long as you’re not spammy.” )
Can I use ShareASale links on Pinterest? (Yes, just make sure to add the url of your pinterest account to your SAS profile. Account/Account Settings/Account Details/ scroll down to Account Details/Add to Additional Websites (SEND GREG SCREENSHOTS.)
How can I still make affiliate commission off programs I can’t link to on Pinterest? (Create post on your blog featuring those products and use a Pin to drive traffic from Pinterest to that post on your blog.)
Do I have to comply with FTC disclosure rules when I post affiliate links on Pinterest. (Yes. The FTC recommended in a chat about Influencers that “A superimposed disclosure or one in the description could work. It needs to be clear and conspicuous.” Don’t use #spon or #affiliate, since the FTC has deemed that insufficient. However, just AD at the beginning of the description is currently understood to be sufficient.)
Where can I get product images to promote on Pinterest? (Save images from the ShareASale datafeed. Go to the links section, find your merchant, click get links and then click on datafeed. Find the product you want to share and right click to save the image)
What kind of images do best on Pinterest for affiliate marketing. (Test to see what works best with multiple kinds of images. Generally a lifestyle shot of the product in use in real life can be appealing.)
What programs can I use to make pinnable images for free? Canva, PicMonkey Lightroom. Canva lets you create a pinnable image and upload it straight to Pinterest.
What a good size for a pin? (Pinterest recommends pins be at least 600 pixels wide. Portrait orientation is best. I make my pins 600 x 900.)
Can I use a link cloaker like bit ly or Pretty Links? (Never use bitly, they are an affiliate themselves and may take the commission. All link cloaking is forbidden by Pinterest’s community guidelines. Pinterest considers “ Off-domain redirects, cloaking or other ways of obscuring where a Pin leads to be spam.)
Can I make a bunch of affiliate pins and pin them all at once? (Not recommended. Pinterest may view this as spam. Mix in affiliate pins with other regular pins and post slowly over time. Consider using a scheduler like Tailwind.)
Pinterest only? Maybe, but driving Pinterest traffic to a website you own keeps you from building a house on land you don’t.

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