Complete Shopify Tutorial: πŸ’° Building A 6-Figure Store From Scratch In 2020 [REPLAY]

8September 2020

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This is a replay of the 6+ hour live stream I did the other night showing how to build a 6-figure ready eCommerce business from A-Z live on camera.

⏰ You can use the following timecode to skip to specific sections of the stream:

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:06:27 – Best Product Research Method
00:27:23 – Shopify Store Design & Backend Setup
01:30:32- 6-Figure Facebook Ad Scaling Strategy
02:09:00 – Email Marketing Campaign & Optin Setup
02:51:04 – Finding A Private Product Supplier
03:10:04 – Setting Up A Support Ticket System
03:34:20 – Shopify Apps & Optimization
04:09:20 – Adding One Click Upsells & Funnels
04:33:27 – Questions & Answers

βš’οΈ Links to all the Google Doc templates, tools, and resources used in the stream will be in the pinned comment down below.

We’re entering into what I like to call the golden age of eCommerce and those left behind will be internally regretful. The married of crisis in 2020 has driven the world to shopping online and this is the best time to jump on this trend early before it’s too late.

In this stream, we’re going to cover every element of building a successful eCommerce business from product selection, finding a supplier, email marketing, running profitable Facebook ad campaigns, building funnels, and more. All in a matter of hours that you can follow along yourself and get started today.

This stream is meant to be a live example of how quick and easy it is to build a fully functional eCommerce business within a matter of hours. There are no excuses but the ones you fabricate for yourself.

I’m going to start by showing you the exact product research we use to predictably find winning, profitable products to sell using Facebook. Each of these products will be pre-proven to work and allow you to model working sales pages as well. I’ll also be giving you my product search Google Doc that will help you automatically calculate profit margins and more.

Next, we’re going to jump right into building a new Shopify store, adding and optimizing your first product including custom product photos, and optimizing your product pages. I’ll be going over some of the popular Shopify apps that we use and the general design rules you want to follow when setting up your store.

After that, we’re going to jump right into setting up your first Facebook ad campaign. I’m going to be outlining the exact Facebook ad strategy that we’ve used to predictably scale dozens of products to 6-figures over and over again. I’ll also go in-depth on how to profitably scale your Facebook ads once you find a winning offer using a technique we call horizontal scaling.

Once we’ve done that we’ll jump right into how to design hyper-profitable email campaigns for your business. If you’re running your eCommerce business correctly, at least 40% of your sales should come from your email marketing if done properly. We’ll set up a new Klavio account, write some example campaigns, and build your first opt-in box/email pop up.

We’re also going to cover a lot of back end set up like finding a private US-based supplier for your products to provide faster shipping times, custom packaging and etc as well as setting up a full support ticket system using Freshdesk. Having all of your T’s crossed and Your I’s dotted is essential for long term growth. An efficient support system will help you avoid chargebacks, refunds, and get you more repeat customers.

Once we’re done feel free to stick around for the live Q&A where I go more in-depth on everything we covered and answer questions from the chat. Dan Dasilva drops in and I share some content from my trip to Miami for Kevin David’s birthday.

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