Content Explorer Tips for Topic Research, Guest Blogging, and Link Building

8July 2019

We’ve just realized that the Content Explorer ( tool that we have in Ahrefs is not getting the attention it deserves. That’s why we recorded this quick screencast to show you how we use this tool here at Ahrefs for: researching content, landing easy guest blogging opportunities, and finding juicy prospects for link building outreach!

Do you still just put some keyword into the tool and look at the search results you get? By default, we are sorting the results by “Relevance”, but the true value comes when you start to play with different sorting options available!

For example, you may sort the results by the number of referring domains and get the articles on a specified topic with the biggest amount of referring domains, which is cool for researching content that attracts backlinks.

Also, you may sort results by organic search traffic and this way see not just which articles are popular based on the amount of shares or generated the biggest amount of backlinks, but also which of them have the biggest amount of organic search traffic.

You can then click “Details,” go to “Organic keywords” tab and see all the keywords that this article is ranking for.

As you see, you should use the variety of sorting options available in Content Explorer, because this will give you a ton of great content pieces to research and analyse!

Here’s another thing you can use Content Explorer for: landing easy guest blogging opportunities!

If you want to find not so popular blogs for guest posting and link building purposes, just put the topic of your interest into the tool, sort the results by “Domain Rating” (from 30 to 40, for example), and it will give you the list of blogs with low DR that will most likely accept your article.

Mind that you can also use our “One article per domain” filter to only get individual blogs that mention your topic of interest or use our “Highlight unlinked domains” option that will highlight articles coming from domains that don’t have links to target domain you specify (and you can then export only highlighted domains, by the way).

The same trick actually applies for link building outreach: you just input the keyword into the search filed, sort results using “One article per domain” filter, and use “Highlight unlinked domains” option to check for sites that mentioned your keyword, but never linked to your site. And that’s it: instantly you will see quite a few opportunities to reach out and tell about your article!

These are just a few tricks that make our Content Explorer a very powerful and a very special tool for content research, link building/guest blogging prospecting!

What do you think about Content Explorer? We’d love to know your honest feedback about the tool and other use-cases, if any!

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