Create Amazon Affiliate Niche or Authority Websites That Make $1,000/Mon (passive income)

29December 2019

Watch UPDATE Feb 9, 2018:

Learn how to create an Amazon affiliate website (aka. niche site & authority websites) that are profitable. In this video I tell you the 4 main phases that help skyrocket your site to success.

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See the Niche Site Process and 16+ examples of Amazon Affiliate Sites (with 15,000 keywords):
About Niche Site Project:

Rob Atkinson was in corporate accounting. He built a couple sites in the past. He was doing okay, making a few thousand a month when his income went to zero after a Google Penalty.

He doubled-down, quit his job, and moved with his wife to Thailand. That’s when I showed him how to implement systems and processes to grow. He’s bringing in over $16,000 per month right now, and his best site is an Amazon Affiliate site that clears $10k per month.

Here’s the bottom line:

Creating an Amazon Affiliate niche site is the best way to get started with online business & affiliate marketing. The start up costs are almost nothing. Anyone can do it.

The best part is that it’s something you can get started with this week. Ready?

Here’s an overview of the whole process:
1 Select Your Niche
2 Set Up Your Site
3 Publish Content
4 Promote Your Site & Attract Traffic

First you need to do keyword research to find your niche, plus analyze the competition.

Then, you’ll need hosting, a domain, and to set up a WordPress. Once that’s in place, you’ll publish content, then get links to the content.

Then you publish more content and get more links.

And, then you do it again.

That’s an oversimplified version, but that’s all there is.

Ready to ACTUALLY see what it takes?
So I broke it down into 4 steps before, but I want to break it down

Here are the steps:
1 Select a Niche or Market
2 Build Out the Web Site
3 Develop a Content Plan
4 Build Backlinks
5 Outreach & Promotion
6 Grow the Site
7 Selecting Your Niche

This is the most important phase of the process. Every single part of the process is dependent on choosing a niche that targets a group of willing buyers.

I like to say, “You need to intercept a customer on the way to make a purchase on Amazon.”

Look for:​
500 – 10,000 Exact Match Local Searches
Other niche sites in the top 25 in the Google search results
Active blogs, Facebook Pages, Forums

Third is the gauging the competition level, and this is challenging. Each niche is treated a little differently with Google. Consider the first page of the Google Search Results for your primary KW. That’s right, just the top 10 results.

Build the Site
Luckily, this portion is less of an art and more of a science. I can finish this step and build out the infrastructure in less that 60 minutes.

Select a Domain Name
Set up a Hosting Account
Select a WordPress Theme
Content for Amazon Affiliate Sites

Remember our goal of intercepting a customer on the way to Amazon? Keep that in mind throughout this section…

Here are the steps for content:
Create a list of topics
Write the content or outsource it
Publish the content

How do you figure out what to write about? And, what if you don’t know much about the topic?

It isn’t difficult once we break it down. If you don’t know much about the topic, well…
…You’re going to need to spend 2 – 3 hours researching your niche on Wikipedia and other reputable websites or publications. 50% of your content needs to target our goal of intercepting a would-be buyer on the way to Amazon.

What does that mean? Product Reviews.

This portion of your content reassures the visitor that the he or she should buy the particular product.

If you don’t own the product and don’t have a way to actually physically hold it, then here is what to do:

The other 50% of the content should be general topics about the niche.

Link Building Plan for Niche Sites
If you understand and execute this step, you’ll be far ahead of most of your competitors.

There is a lot of noise out there about link building. The approach I outline doesn’t have any shortcuts. Guess what – it takes time and you are going to have to put in the work.

A basic link building campaign includes:
Blog Commenting
Social Profile

After I publish 2 articles, it’s time to start blog commenting. These are genuine, real comments on real blogs, related to the topic and niche. The target blogs are highly relevant and that’s important!
Create social profiles on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and so on.

Outreach & Promotion
When you publish new content, you should let your followers on social media know about it. You can drive early traffic to your website this way.

Guest Posting is more advanced and takes longer, but it’s WAY more effective.

And then… Take Action

That’s it! It’s that easy.

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