Dan Norris Blogger Interview on Guest Posting and his Inform.ly APP

24September 2020

Dan Norris Blogger Interview by Kate Luella (November 2012)
It was wonderful speaking with Dan Norris today of http://inform.ly/ and the Web Domination Podcast Show. Dan has a background in web design, and more recently is developing his new APP for monitoring site analytics in one dashboard, called Informly.

In this interview Dan shares his tips and advice for “wannabe” guest posters, we discuss why a blog would invite a guest poster, the pros and cons of guest posting for both blog owners, and guest posters. We also discuss other areas of interest including conversion incentives and his online business strategy atm.

If you want to know more about Dan visit:
http://inform.ly/ or visit his podcast show “Web Domination”.

Here is Dan’s two guest posts on Pro Blogger which he refers to in this interview:
1. http://www.problogger.net/archives/2012/08/13/10-vital-stats-for-blog-health-and-how-to-track-them/
2. http://www.problogger.net/archives/2012/09/30/are-you-wasting-time-guest-posting/

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Interview Fast-Track MENU:
2.25 Fast Web Formula Forum
3.30 Inform.ly (APP)
5.30 Why Dan sold his 6yo web design business last year
6.30 Web Domination Podcast
9.00 Why Dan started to guest post years ago
9.50 Content Marketing Strategies
10.10 Why and How Dan chooses who to guest post for
11.10 What Dan recommends people should guest post
11.30 How Dan approached Darren Rouse (Pro Blogger) to guest post on his blog
12.50 Dan’s conversions he achieved from his guest posting on Pro Blogger
14.25 Why conversions from Pro Blogger are generally low
14.50 Tips for better conversions from your guest posting
18.10 Why Dan uses case studies in his guest posting
18.45 Dan recommends people start with this step first when starting out guest posting
20.20 What Dan thinks of Guest Posting Rules
21.90 Backlinks from guest posts
22.30 Dan the “Blog Snob”
27.00 How to get quality guest post writers onto your blog
28.10 Where to find guest bloggers you want on your blog
29.45 Why ezine articles on your blog is crap
31.00 The real value to a blog from guest posts
33.20 Conversions on Dan’s website (including incentives)
37.00 How to determine if a blog is a quality blog
41.10 Commenting on blogs (Comment Luv & Disqus)
44.20 The Inform.ly APP
45.50 His APP price point
46.30 The Affiliate Model v Premium Models for online recurring products
47.10 Mailchimp v Aweber
49.55 Web Domination Podcast

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