Day 20| Guest Posting and Skill Barter – Become a Freelancer in 30 Days

28July 2019

How to Become a Freelancer in 30 Days
5 Hours | Genre: eLearning | Language: English

More than 100 million Americans consider themselves freelancers – skilled workers who work directly with clients in their niche of choice. The most successful of these freelancers enjoy exceptional freedom – working wherever they can carry a laptop.

30 Days to Freelance Freedom shows you how to monetize your own creative skills, from content writing to graphic design to website development. You’ll have access to 30 individual video lessons, one for each day in the first month of your freelance business. Each video focuses on a specific tactic or tool needed to build your freelance business from the ground up, including:

Building Your Portfolio,
How to Bid on Projects,
Software Needed to Manage Your Projects,
a Simple Website that Attracts Attention,
Use Content to Promote Your New Business,
Get Constructive Feedback and Get Better,
Things Needed in Your 60 Second Sales Pitch,
Start Making Passive Income in Your Down Time,
Key Performance Indicators for Your First Month,

If you are interested in becoming an online freelancer and want to know the first steps required to build your portfolio, find projects, build relationships with your clients, and start generating income, this course is for you.

I started freelancing online only a few months out of college when I realized the sinking job market had little to offer. For four years I built my freelance business, created new contacts, and supported my family. I started an agency offering content marketing services from that freelance career and today utilize my skills as a copywriter, digital marketer, and entrepreneur in a number of ways online, including teaching courses like this one .

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