Day 65 – Traffic 10 – Guest Posting

21June 2020

An extension of blog commenting that is even more powerful is to do guest posting.

What this means is to post as a guest on someone else’s blog, and in return, get a couple of links back to your own website or affiliate URLs inside of your own author biography or from within the text of your post.

What you can do is to Google for blogs related to your niche, see which ones have good content, lots of traffic and lots of discussion going on.

Then get in touch with the blog owner and ask if he/she accepts guest posts.

Not all do, but once you’ve found one that does, you’ve opened up another gateway to get more traffic.

Needless to say, the post that you give to the blog owner has to be high quality so that 1) it adds value to the blog owner and his/her readers and 2) it attracts the visitors to click through to your own site.

And just like in blog commenting, the links you get count as backlinks as well, thus adding strength to your Search Engine Optimization efforts.

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