Discover Website Traffic with Alexa for Guest Posting Options

8July 2020

It’s good to guest post on websites with a lot of traffic. Here’s how you can figure out how much traffic a website has with Alexa. This program is part of the Monetize Your Online Business the Smart Way training program at

As you probably know, there are various ways to drive traffic to a website, ranging from social media, to search engine optimization, to buying ads. These are all valid methods to consider, however, when it comes to growing your email list, one approach seems to consistently work better than all the others. It’s called guest posting.

The main reason high quality guest­posting works better than other methods when it comes to building your email list is because you are warmly introduced to a tight audience, something that increases your credibility and reputation among that audience. In other words, you are vouched for by an influencer.

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