Does Guest Posting Still Work In 2018?

4November 2019

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Guest posting to promote your products & offers.

Is guest posting a good method for driving traffic to your affiliate offers and sales pages?

In short… yes, but you need to go about it the right way.

In this video I talk about the best methods to use to ensure that yout guest posts are seen by the right people who are already interest in your products.

Many people write guest posts on other people’s websites to try and get backlinks to their website, and normally people are only interested in getting dofollow links for SEO value.

However, you can also write guest posts on sites to drive traffic to your website. If you can manage to secure a guest post on a site related to your niche that gets a fair amount of traffic, you can get hundreds of real visitors from it, and it doesn’t matter whether the link from your article is dofollow or not.

Most webmasters won’t allow you to add a direct product link within a guest post, so the best thing to do is set up a page on your website and add some related content. Try and find a reason to link to your site from the guest post that you are writing, and if possible put it in the body of the article rather than just in the bio at the bottom. When it comes to finding sites to post on, try approaching webmasters who have stated that they accept guest posts and reach out to them by email with ideas for an article that they might like.

The best way to find sites to contact is to search on Google for terms such as “write for us” + your niche, or “guest post” + your niche. If at first you don’t get much response, don’t give up, because all that you need to do is secure one guest post from a website that gets a good amount of traffic and you and can get visitors for a long

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