Dr. Phil guest posting more HATE and RACISM about Ricky.

17December 2019

Dr. Phil guest STILL threatening to kill Ricky. He is gettin angry again. When Ricky doesn’t respond Lenard starts to threaten to kill him and starts focusing on his family. Claiming things but not posting any type of evidence. If you had phone calls and emails of all these claim Im sure he’d post them. Instead of calling him names and comparing who’s kids are better. Ironically Lenard is talking about his step children that were taken away years ago. They don’t live with him or are not allowed around him due to a restraining order. Honestly instead of making a nine minute video why not SHOW YOUR EVIDENCE INSTEAD OF CLAIMING YOU HAVE EVIDENCE. Just like you did you will loose in court every time doing it this way. GO TO THE POLICE WITH THIS EVIDENCE if you have it!!

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