Ebooks से घर बैठे लाखों रुपए कैसे कमाएं? With Siddharth Pal | Earn Money Online With Ebooks!

27May 2020

Ebooks से घर बैठे लाखों कैसे कमाएं? With Siddharth Pal | Earn Money Online With Ebooks!

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Time Stamps:
00:17 Introduction
01:32 Siddharth Introduction
01:45 Clients, he had worked with
03:27 Personal life of Siddharth
06:18 Why to sell Ebooks?
09:06 How to find topics to write an ebook?
11:59 How to validate topic for the ebook?
13:25 How to stop piracy of ebooks?
16:11 How to decide the price of an ebook?
17:34 Example of how to identify the audience
19:42 What should be the general price of an ebook?
21:32 What are Mock-Ups and how to make them?
23:08 Tools to create mock-ups?
23:24 Free method to create mock-ups for ebooks
24:46 How to sell & promote ebooks?
28:16 How to promote ebooks with Facebook ads?
30:52 How to get more profit from an ebook?
35:26 Tools to create a landing page for ebooks?
36:18 How much we can earn from ebooks?

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