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13May 2020

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So, Let me guess, You want to understand How Pinterest Algorithm works so that you can drive traffic to your Blogging and e-commerce site.

Luckily, Unlike Google Pinterest is not very complicated

At least as of now!

So , getting traffic from is not only easy compared to Google by ranking your Pins high but you also can attract a high-quality audience of US and UK.

Let me explain to you some No’s of this platform to understand the potential!

It is 2nd largest search engine today heaving more than 350 Million active users

Out of this , 2 Million people actually save shopping pins in their board with the intention of buying

The average age of people use Pinterest is 40 , however, people using this majorly are on the younger side

But , Here is when it gets really interesting.

People don’t realize that 40% pinners have a household income of more than $1,00,000

93% of people used to plan. something from this platform and 87% Pinners actually purchase a product because of Pinterest

The average inner spends 14.2 on average in the platform

If you did not ever capitalize on the audience of this platform you are actually missing on a gold mine!

These points convince me to research more about how the Pinterest algorithm works because if I know it than I can drive a hell amount of traffic.

More Traffic means More Money!

So Let us dive more into it .

What Is Pinterest Algorithm?
Pinterest uses a machine-learning algorithm to understand you and your content and then it shows your Pins to others as well as shows others pins to you based on what it learns about you.

So , It is very important that you give clear signals about what your interest area is and who is your target audience.

If you don’t do it correctly you will confuse the Algorithm and the Algorithm then will not able to help you.

Remember, If you want to succeed in Pinterest your Best friend and the greatest devil is the Algorithm.

It can make you or Break you!

Why Is Pinterest Algorithm So Important?
When you publish any Pin, you want the pins to be shown to the largest no of relevant people.

Isn’t it?

If you are using any other social media like Facebook, Instagram etc , it is fairly very simple because you will only see posts from the people that you are connected to.

But, Pinterest does not work that way!

Wondering Why?

Because it is social media as well as a powerful search engine.

Do you know, Pinterest is the 2nd most powerful search engine after Google.

So , Pinterest uses its algorithm to decide which pins need to be shown to which type of people based on the data that it has.

Let me explain a bit more on this !

Pinterest users use Pinterest to explore new ideas and new products.

So , unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest understands your interest area and will show the Pins that may be interesting for you based on the past history that you have .

The next important point is there are millions of pins in all Niche , Now how Pinterest decides which pins to show the user at the top ?

Well , it is decided based on 3 parameters.

I call it as FPF Parameters.

We will discuss more this later on this article.

Pinterest also work as a search engine so the other side of Pinterest is to bring you best results on your searched terms .

Now the question is how can you rank your Pins in search results .

Consider to read the comprehensive article on how to rank your Pins#1 on Pinterest .

Also ,It is important to understand in Pinterest your Pins shown to the users in 2 ways .

The Search-Result Way
The Smart Feed Way
The Search-Result Way

The search result way is the process when anyone searches anything on Pinterest and Pinterest shows them the results

Pinterest algorithm decides which results it needs to show at the top and which at the bottom

The higher your Pins rank, the more chances people will click on your Link

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