Facebook: 800K users may have had bug unblock blocked people

5July 2018

Facebook: 800K users may have had bug unblock blocked people

Narwhals most vulnerable marine mammals to Arctic vessels, polar bears the least, study says Tech & Science CBC News As the open-water season becomes longer in the Arctic, little is known about how increasing vessel traffic affects marine mammals, but a new study is shedding some light. The article, published by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, discusses the vulnerability of marine mammals to vessel traffic in the Northwest Passage and Northern Sea Route during September. Source What kind of mysterious Surface device is Microsoft cooking up? Tech & Science CTV News U.S. technology website, The Verge, reports that Microsoft has been working on developing a new device for its Surface range. Going by the code name, Andromeda, the device is thought to have a hinged dual-display design and a dedicated operating system. Source Astronomers report 1st image of baby planet being formed Tech & Science CTV News BERLIN – Astronomers say they’ve captured the first confirmed image of a planet forming in the dust swirling around a young star. Scientists said Monday the planet appears as a bright spot in the snapshot taken using the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope in Chile. Source SpaceX delivers AI robot, ice cream, mice to space station Tech & Science CBC News The International Space Station on Monday got its first robot with artificial intelligence, along with some berries, ice cream and identical brown mice. SpaceX’s capsule reached the station three days after launching from Cape Canaveral, Fla. Source SpaceX delivers ice cream, mice, AI robot to space station Tech & Science CTV News CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — A SpaceX shipment arrived at the International Space Station on Monday, bearing berries and ice cream, mice and the first orbiting robot with artificial intelligence. The Dragon capsule reached the station three days after launching from Cape Canaveral. Source I never said that! High-tech deception of ‘deepfake’ videos Tech & Science CTV News WASHINGTON — Hey, did my congressman really say that? Is that really U.S. President Donald Trump on that video, or am I being duped? New technology on the internet lets anyone make videos of real people appearing to say things they’ve never said. Source ‘Nobody has that much money’ — 1 sinking city’s fight against rising sea levels Tech & Science CBC News Annie Hackett, 20, looks out at the water less than 20 metres from the Erckenbrack Park playground in which she’s standing. She lives in Foster City, Calif., a planned suburb of about 30,000 people built along a chain of canals and waterways southeast of San Francisco. Source Headline-grabbing walrus Samka dies in Quebec Tech & Science CTV News QUEBEC – One of the only walruses to give birth in captivity in Canada has died in Quebec City’s aquarium. The aquarium says in a statement that 13-year-old Samka died Thursday night. The establishment says the walrus had appeared unwell for the past few days but they’re not yet sure what caused her death. Source Unique Quebec outdoor planetarium uses augmented reality to view the night sky Tech & Science CTV News MONTREAL — Jeremy Fontana was always getting questions from guests about the stars in the night sky above his outdoor retreat in Quebec’s Eastern Townships. So he decided to find a way that would help star struck visitors understand the mysteries of the heavens above. Source Look up, be patient and ‘think about how big the universe is’: Expert tips for stargazing this summer Tech & Science CBC News If you’re camping, hiking or otherwise outside city limits this summer, Brenden Petracek advises you to look up. The president of Winnipeg’s chapter of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada says far from urban light pollution, the heavens are a sight to behold. Source Sidebar

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