From Beginner To Expert The Art of the Guest Posting

30June 2019

The main reason as to why guest posting has become so popular is that bloggers need content for their websites, and writers offer their posts because they want to drive traffic to their blog or websites. By selecting the right blogs for posting, bloggers are guaranteed to receive highly targeted traffic, boost their Internet presence, and improve their blogs’ or websites’ search engine rank. Below is a definitive guide on how to do guest posting.

1. Choose your best guest post domain.
You have to start by determining your guest post domain. This means that you have to identify the niche topics that you will concentrate on. For example, if your website is all about gadgets, you can post guest blogs about the latest models and brands of computers, cell phones, and accessories. You will also be required to list down the keywords that you will need to write on during your guest posting task.
2. Do extensive research.
After listing your topics, you have to search for favourite blogs that are relevant to your domain space. You will also be required to search for guest blogging sites where you can post your desired blogs. But before choosing your guest posting sites, you need to perform qualitative analysis. This is important when determining the quality of the guest blogging website with respect to their page ranking in Google, their activity status, their traffic status, number of members, and search engine visibility. After doing the qualitative analysis, you need to do a PageRank analysis. Google will rate sites according to the back-links, performance, and relevance. It will then rate your website from zero to ten, where ten is the highest and zero the lowest. There are tools available online that you can use to check the page rank of a guest posting site.
3. Check the traffic of your guest posting sites.
A guest blogging site with more traffic will help you in generating traffic into your site through the use of backlink. You will be able to determine the traffic statistics of the guest posting website by using some tools and online websites. Choose a guest blogging site that has a recent activity and right amount of readership. You can determine this by checking the date of their latest post. Also, go for a blog site that has good member counts. You may share your posts to the relevant members to create better visibility to your blog posts
4. Check the type of backlinks the guest posting site offers:
There are 2 types of backlinks any guest posting sites offer. the number of these backlinks depends on the budget they charge. These 2 types of backlinks are
Do Follow: These types of backlinks allow the sharing of link juice from the source of the backlink with the linked page.
No Follow: These backlinks do not allow sharing of link juice with the linked page with the source of the backlink.
Link juice is the value of authority a web page holds on account of its optimization. A well-optimized page has higher link juice. Do not ignore the no follow links, as they help you to attract more traffic to your blog, which helps you to increase the trust factor with the search engine resulting in better rankings.
Also remember that higher the number of the do follow backlinks, the higher the risk of the blog being penalized because the sudden shoot in link juice value of the blog page, becomes a spammy activity.
5. Create Quality Content.
Content is the key to success in guest posting. Quality blog content will always grab your readers’ attraction. While writing your guest blog, try to avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes as much as possible. A poorly written post will harm your reputation. Keep the content as original and as genuine as possible. Avoid posting plagiarised content (content copied from other websites or blogs). Do not stuff the keywords in the content thinking that the more keywords you add, the more backlinks you will get. This may result in your content being marked as spam.
6. Post your guest post on your preferred guest posting sites.
At this point, you can start the guest posting process, but first, you will be required to register with the website by using their sign up form. These guest blogging sites provide a contact form or email ID where you can send your content. They normally review your content before publishing it to their blogs.
7. Promote Your Guest Post.
Promote your guest post to readers and social media followers and emails.
While guest posting, always remembers to opt for high page rank sites and link back to the relevant webpage in your site that may not be necessarily your index page. Finally, make sure to keep your content informative. You will generate more traffic for your website this way.

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