Getting Clients From Instagram

29May 2018

Getting clients from instagram is hard, right? Instagram for business doesn’t have to be a pain, but it becomes one when what we’re doing isn’t working for us.

Using instagram to market your business is incredibly powerful. But if you aren’t converting followers into clients, is it actually working for you? If you’re stuck getting likes instead of real American dollars, you need to re-think your instagram marketing plan. You have one of those right? No? Well, here’s the good news…

Your business instagram marketing doesn’t need to sound like an infomercial.

Here are 3 ways to start building a relationship with your audience (and get their trust!) while you’re using Instagram for your business:


Don’t like being on camera? It’s time to get over your fear and use Instagram stories to make a personal connection with your followers.

Here’s what you can create stories about:

  • Teaching how to do something
  • Showing behind the scenes
  • Sharing sneak peeks
  • Sharing helpful information
  • Talking about your services
  • Introducing yourself & your business
  • Talking about why you do what you do


Using stock photos is not “cheating.” It’s the perfect way to have a professional looking feed that you can perfectly curate to show off your brand. You don’t have to use stock photos, obviously, but make sure the images you use are on brand and not some grainy, dark lit photo of what you ate for lunch.

Here are tips to making sure your feed looks cohesive:

  • Use similar color palettes
  • Use similar color tones (warm vs cool)
  • Make sure the photo lighting is consistent
  • If you use filters, don’t go crazy
  • Select similar styles of layouts
  • Regram photos you love and match your theme (with permission and credit!)
  • Practice makes perfect


Use THIS AWESOME APP to add multiple links to your opt-ins, blog posts, services, and anything else your heart desires.

Here’s what you can link to in your linktree:

  • Recent blog post
  • Recent podcast
  • Recent video
  • Your amazing freebie
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Website
  • Services/Work with me page
  • Latest promo
  • Upcoming webinar
  • Anything that can capture someone’s email!

Reminder: These links should be directing people to YOUR website or something that you are featured in. Don’t send people away from your own content.

Here’s why those are important:

  • You’re infusing your personality into your business through Instagram stories.
  • You’re showing that you mean business by having a professional looking feed that not only makes sense for your business, but is a continuation of your brand.
  • And finally you’re directing your followers to be able to connect with you in multiple ways outside of instagram through your links.

No one wants to follow along with (or buy from) a business that’s constantly virtually shouting at you to buy stuff.

But for some reason, that’s what we think it’s going to be like when we hear that we need to market our services.

In an online world where we are constantly surrounded by who we view as competition, maybe it feels like we HAVE to do that.

We don’t.

What we need to do is show up, give value, and build genuine relationships.


Think you can do it?

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