Google Indexing Glitch, Guest Posting and More SEO Q&A – Search News Podcast – August 12, 2020

17August 2020

In this episode of the Search News You Can Use Podcast, Marie Haynes discusses:

The great outage that looked like a massive Google update
What do we know about the algo turbulence July 21/27, 2020?
Important news if you use the GSC API
Did Google really say that guest post links have zero value?
Important thing to know about Cumulative Layout Shifts (CLS)
How many sites would pass Google’s Core Web Vitals right now?
Local SEO: Call buttons in local Knowledge Panels on desktop
Q&A: Does MHC use the Google Knowledge Graph Search API?

Also in Newsletter:

Deeper thoughts on the Google outage and how it can help us find the quality issues on our sites
How to check your hourly traffic to determine if an update has affected you
More on the July 21 and July 27 updates
How to check GSC to see if you’ve got fewer FAQ’s
Info from Google on how the Quality Raters work
Q&A session from Google on rich results – what counts as an impression in FAQ snippets, etc.
Case study from Chris and Jeremy from This week in Blogging showing the impact of FAQ schema – how lon git took for FAQs to show up, impressions, CTR, and more.
New info from John Mueller on what makes affiliate sites low quality and may cause pages not to be in the index
Can bad reputation hurt your rankings?
Amazon cutting affiliate commissions further
GIF generator for CLS shifts

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