Grey Hat SEO Techniques That Still Work In 2019

31August 2019

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In today’s video, you’re going to learn more about private blog networks and their ability to rank money websites in SEO.

Now to this day, people have been using PBN’s to rank their websites by sending links to one domain in an effort to power op their SEO rankings. But many may wonder, does building out a private blog network actually result in positive SEO rankings? Or does it damage SEO rankings in 2019?

In the video I cover what you can do to detect a private blog network, why people use them, and the key components to building one if you plan on artificially boosting your SEO results (not recommended).

At the end of the day there are much better ways to acquire high quality links from websites with real traffic, there is no need to build a PBN network. You can use guest posting strategies to generate more traffic from websites that are relevant to yours.

For those who have a local business and can’t find unique ways to build links, you may want to make the investment into your own PBN. But for digital marketing agencies selling SEO as a service, it would be to time intensive and risky to build a PBN network. This becomes apparent especially because of the relevancy scores in Google’s algorithm. To find relevant links for each and every vertical would be difficult to do.

If you are going to make the investment into a private blog network, make sure you’re investing in expensive domains with high trust flow and website traffic. The easiest way for Google to discover your private blog network is by making a website that has no purpose online only with the goal of powering up another website. This means create a purpose for your PBN and don’t create it just to manipulate results as Google is coming down on that hard in the years to come.

Also understand the anchor text ratio, using PBN’s allows you to create your own anchor texts for your target website which is said to be 20% of Google rankings according to a study done by MOZ:

Be careful to not over optimize your anchor text, doing so will result in a penalized website due to Google’s spam filters in their PENGUIN algorithm:

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