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17October 2019

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What is Guest posting

We’ve discussed how you can build authority in your industry through blogging. If you’re a fan of Social Media Examiner, you might have read about major brands that have benefited from guest blogging. So today, we are going to look at exactly how you can get guest blogging opportunities and make the most out of them.

This link building strategy isn’t difficult to execute and follows a simple 3-step process.

1. You need to find websites to pitch your guest post ideas to.
2. Find topics to write about.
3. Write content and get it approved/published on their blog, ideally with a link back to your site.

How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

The first thing you will want to do is find guest post opportunities. When looking for places to guest post, your main goal is to find sites relevant to your niche or industry. You are looking for blogs that fit the following criteria:

The content is focused on your niche/industry.
The audience of the blog will be interested in your industry.
The blog has engaged readership (posts have been shared socially and commented upon).
The blog owner is active on social media (so you know that they will be promoting your work on their site).
So if you are selling seeds, you will want to find gardening blogs with an engaged audience of gardeners. The following should help you find the right kind of guest post opportunities.

Google Searches

Google is a great place to start in the search for guest posting opportunities. You can use any of the following keyword searches to find blogs that accept guest posts. Just replace the keyword with keywords from your industry.

keyword “submit a guest post”
keyword “guest post”
keyword “guest post by”
keyword “accepting guest posts”
keyword “guest post guidelines”
These searches should lead you to a blog’s guest post guidelines page, guest post submission page, or actual guest posts by other writers.
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