Guest Posting 2018: How to DIY at Scale in 10 Simple Steps (TODAY)

6December 2018

VIDEO Notes:

Guest posting is a white hat SEO technique that I use for link building in 2018.

If you ever tried ordering a quality guest posting service, then you know that it is very expensive (I am not talking about guest posting on PBNs, Web 2.0s, and other shady irrelevant websites).

In this video I go through the exact process behind guest posting and with the DOWNLOADable VIDEO NOTES, you can easily manage guest posting campaign for your website.

Here is what I cover in this video:

First, I go over what guest posting actually is and how you need to create value if you want to succeed in the long-run. There is no cutting corners.

Second, I mention what is so important to consider, when you decide to guest post on a website. If you are not following these rules, you are not doing a good for your business.

Next come the advantages and disadvantages of guest posting. You need to know how the system gets abused, so not to fall into this trap.

Finally, I get to the exact 10-step process for building a simple guest posting process that you can easily create for your own website.

Once you have this set up, you can easily build 15-20 quality links that point towards your website, grow your DA/DR and become an authority in the niche.

What about the anchor text?

I recommend linking to your homepage with your company/URL name, when in doubt. Google favors strong brand signals and is known to improve rankings, based on a demand for a brand.

In other words, if people Google the name of your company, your site’s rankings go up.

I hope you find this useful.
Good luck with your link building!

Artem, the LinksHero

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