Guest Posting: 6 Simple Steps To Build High Authority Links Fast

7February 2019

One of the fastest ways to build links is by guest posting on high authority websites with good SEO metrics and traffic.

In this video, you’re going to learn how to build white hat SEO links for your website.

It’s no doubt that links are a major ranking factor.

Like we discussed in our previous video, there are 3 core pillars that make up SEO.

These core pillars are content, traffic and links.

(If you haven’t seen our Local SEO video which covers these pillars in more detail, here’s the link: )

Content is the easiest pillar out of the 3 to control.

There are many talented writers out there and you can always hire one to create content for your website.

The other 2 pillars, traffic and links are the hardest to control.

The amount of traffic your website generates is going to depend on how long you’ve been in business and what your overall advertising budget is in order to drive traffic to your website from offline and online advertising.

We’ll be covering how to generate traffic for your business as quickly and as cost effectively as possible in future videos, but let’s get back to the topic of this video.

Link building, especially white hat link building can be difficult – if you don’t have a proven system to acquire links.

Today we’re going to be showing you one way we generate high authority links for ourselves and our clients – through guest posting.

The 6 steps we cover in this video are extremely easy to follow. There’s no reason why you can’t build 20 high quality links to your website this month assuming that you have the time and budget to do so.

(Most bloggers will charge a fee to allow guest contributions to their website, so in most cases a small fee will have to be invested)

However, this small fee is nothing in comparison to the costs of hosting and maintenance that you’ll face with black hat SEO tactics.

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