Guest Posting For SEO Rankings: The Ultimate Rank Boost

6December 2018

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Guest posting to increase your Google rankings.
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Guest posting is one of the most powerful techniques that SEO professionals use to grow websites. Discover how they work (and which mistakes to avoid) when using guest posts.

There are several misconceptions regarding guest posts and in this video we are going to clear them up.

Misconception #1
You need to do guest posts for a very long time before seeing positive results such as increase in traffic.
I have a case study that proves you can get a massive boost in traffic with just one backlink from a guest post.

So why is it that some people say they don’t work? Here are two reasons why some guest posts work and other don’t:

Reason 1:
Getting your posts buried on a site that never gets any exposure or traffic. That is an indication that the website has very few backlinks and therefore lacks authority.
Even if you are featured on a site that has decent traffic and authority, if you are buried down on one of the pages with little exposure, then the backlink will have limited juice.
Your ultimate goal is to get your guest post to be read by real people and featured somewhere such as the homepage.
Don’t forget that you don’t only want to get a link just for juice, but getting traffic going through that link (referral traffic) is an even bigger bonus, making the link even more powerful.

Reason 2:
You need to be sure you are getting a Do Follow link back to your site along with a contextual link. This is essentially a link that is within the content of the page.
Google reads the words that come before and after the link to try and understand the topic of the link, so it is important to use related terms within that paragraph the link is in.

Tips to getting the optimum backlink, be sure:

1) The guest post is in a niche similar to yours
2) The back link is Do Follow and is a contextual link
3) The guest post has sufficient traffic
4) You get featured on important pages such as the homepage where most of the traffic is.

For more information please watch the video!

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