How Do Blogs Make Money? How We Made $17,163.98 Our First 6 Months

27March 2019

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This is the first video in our series answering the question of how do blogs make money. As bloggers, Lauren and I quit our jobs January of this year and started our profitable blog. This is the story of our first 5 months of full-time blogging and exactly how we made money.

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The first 6 months of blogging was crazy for us. Here’s our revenue breakdown:

December we earned: Less than $100
January we earned: $566.82
February we earned: $924.40
March we earned: $2,352.83
April we earned: $4,244.35
May we earned: $9,075.58

As you can see, we saw steady and consistent growth in our revenue from the time we first started the blog. But don’t be fooled!! It was not smooth sailing and there was a big learning process to this.

We had lots of screw ups but we kept moving forward and celebrating the wins as we went along. I hope that this series gives you a better understanding of how blogs make money and helps you understand that you can do it too! Thanks for checking the video out 🙂

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