How I Doubled My Pinterest Traffic in One Month – Summit Affiliate Training

17December 2018 – How I Doubled My Pinterest Traffic in One Month – Summit Affiliate Training

Today I want to talk to you about how I doubled my Pinterest traffic in one month. And I did this using the Summit Affiliate training.

Firstly, for those that don’t know, Pinterest is a search engine and it’s one of the hottest platforms right now. It is extremely popular with bloggers and people that need to get more traffic to their website. Because it’s a search engine and it’s linked in with google it works in the same ways as your blog in terms of SEO etc.

So if you learn how to master Pinterest you can get more traffic to your blog just like some of my examples (shown in video). Especially for someone that didn’t really blog and never really had any traffic, it’s so awesome to see something I’ve only recently started doing is already getting results and that’s all thanks to Pinterest.

So the way to get more views to your blog is to learn how to use Pinterest to your advantage. It’s kind of hard to rank on google because there’s so much more competition. But Pinterest is a smaller playing field so if you learn how to master Pinterest and rank there then you can get way more traffic to your blog.

So this is why people love Pinterest. Take a look at my Pinterest results in just one month (see video just after 2 mins).

Now let’s look specifically at my Pinterest account to see what I did to get more traffic to my website:

1. I updated my banner to reflect my best pins
2. I updated my title to show exactly who I am and what I do
3. I added my website so people can actually visit it
4. I updated my bio to give people a clear idea what my profile is about
5. I edited my featured boards to be reflective of my brand
6. I made sure my boards are relevant to my brand
7. I started pinning daily

It’s really not that hard to actually get traffic on Pinterest because it’s a search engine so if you’re putting out content people are searching for then you’re going to get the views. And the more views you get on your Pinterest account, the more views you get on your website.

It’s simple mathematics: More views = more traffic = more leads = more sales which is what we all want online right?

Now, you might be sitting there going Jade, but how did you figure that all out? Well, I simply followed some training, learnt the methods and implemented it and voila the results are in.

You can access the same training right here:

And read more on the blog if you like:

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