How I Grew My Blog to 10,000 Visits Using FREE Pinterest Traffic (Within First 2 Months)

1March 2021

In this video, I share how I’m using Pinterest to send tons of additional traffic to my blog. Last year I managed to reach 10,000 sessions on my website in under two months just from Pinterest traffic.

Using Pinterest for blog traffic helps you diversify and protect your blog, rather than relying on one traffic source.

My Pinterest strategy mainly involves publishing 5+ pins every day to my account and repinning other people’s pins every day.
I have to make sure I’m creating high-quality pin graphics for Pinterest, so that when my audience sees them, they click through to my website.
I then use Pinterest analytics to discover which pins are performing the best (which images, colors and fonts are outperforming the rest), and then optimize my future pin designs with this information going forward.

My affiliate link for done-for-you Pin templates (I’m using these in 2021):

I’ll be publishing more videos to this YouTube channel about how I’m growing a blog with Pinterest, so please subscribe if you want to stay updated with the progress.

Please let me know in the comments below if you want to see any full tutorials on Pinterest.


00:29 Why you should use Pinterest to grow your blog or website
01:28 My Pinterest results
04:13 Analytics for my Pinterest account on my new blog
05:09 My Pinterest strategy explained
06:37 Potential problems and downsides to my Pinterest strategy and how to solve them
08:30 Important things to remember going forward on Pinterest
10:20 Conclusion and final thoughts

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