How Location Rebel Academy Helped Jason Gass Become a Full Time Writer

26July 2020

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Jason Gass joined Location Rebel Academy a few years ago, and has since built a freelance writing business that supports his family, allows him to work from home, and spend time doing the things he enjoys most in life.

This interview talks about how he did it, and how the Academy and Community helped.

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0:00 – Introduction
2:35 – Jason’s Backstory
4:32 – “Can I Actually Do This?”
5:59 – Starting With a Blog
8:21 – The “Reverse Bridge Business”
10:35 – Why Predictability is So Valuable
11:41 – Finding Your Niche
15:29 – Valuable Things You Learned in LRA
17:12 – To the person thinking about joining LRA, what would you say?
19:55 – The two things that have made this lifestyle SO valuable for Jason

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