How Professional SEO Agencies build Google Approved Backlinks

19June 2020

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In this weeks Canonical Chronicle we discuss:

🍻 SEO Conferences being a thing of the past
💸 The Google Ads Guy running Organic at Google
🐦 New Measures to stop Clickbait on Twitter
⛔ Google’s new Webspam report
🔗 How to approach link building in 2020


0:00 Intro
1:15 No IRL SEO conferences this year
2:10 Google Ads Chief Takes over Organic at Google
3:10 Twitter Clamping Down on Retweeting Clickbait
4:33 Google published their annual webspam report
6:07 Understanding how backlinks affect SEO
6:24 SEO Dogma around links
7:26 Are guest posting links bad?
8:30 How to check backlinks to a site?
9:00 Checking the quality of a link manually
9:43 How to detect PBNs
10:23 What backlink metrics should you care about?
11:12 How to build good backlinks for free?
12:10 What if you don’t have any newsworthy content to get links with?

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