How to Allow Users to Submit Blog Posts on Your WordPress Site

18December 2019

Have you seen websites where users are allowed to submit posts or other content on the site? Do you want to have a site where you feature user-submitted content? In this video, we will show you how to allow users to submit blog posts to your WordPress site.

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For this guide, we will be using WPForms found using the link above you should be able to purchase it. Once purchased, install and activate the plugin and in the WPForms settings add the license key for the level that you purchased. Now we can go under WPForms, Addons and activate the Post Submissions Addon to start accepting posts.

Under WPForms, Add New we will be creating a new form named whatever we like and we will scroll down to use the Blog Post Submission Form to give us most of the defaults we need to have for the post. It will bring you to the form editor where we can modify the format of the fields we’re wanting to be filled out such as name, author bio, and the post information.

For categories, we will remove the dropdown and replace it with a multiple choice option and in the advanced settings for it, we will activate the Dynamic Choices option for categories to show all category options available.

In the general form settings, we can set the general information for the form as well as who/where is notified of submissions. You have the option to customize your confirmation or point it toward a specific page for the confirmation. Don’t forget to select your preferred post status for the submitted posts, we don’t recommend published as it is better to review the posts before having them live on your site.

Go to the page you would like to have the form live on or create a new page, add the WPForms block, and select the form you created for post submissions. Any Entires you will be able to find under WPForms, Entries where you can review them.

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