How To Automate & Manage Guest Posting For High Quality Backlinks

23December 2018

Managing a guest posting campaign can be tricky. This tutorial will teach you how to automate and manage thousands of guest posts with ease.

What You Will Learn

How to find thousands of sites that accept guest posts
How to filter the database to find the best targets
How to contact every single one of them in 2 clicks
How to sweeten the deal
How to track and manage everything.

Partial Transcript (Full Transcript on the blog)

Hi guys Matthew Woodward here and today I’m going to teach you how to automate and manage guest posting. It’s been a hot topic recently and I wanted to share with you how I do it in the most efficient way possible.

You’re going to learn how to find thousands of guest posts targets with my personal footprints
How to get all of the key stats on your targets database and filter them
How to automate the contact of all these sites in a couple of clicks
How to sweeten your guest post proposition so they have no choice but to accept
And most importantly how to track and manage all of it!

The typical guest post process looks something like this-

First of all you have to find sites that accept guest posts
Then you have to drop them an email with a request
Speak with the site owner to negotiate a post
Wait for them to publish it
Track the results and make sure it doesn’t get removed
And manually maintain a database of guest post partners

Now if you only want to do a few guest posts it doesn’t take that long, but what about if you want to 20 guest posts or a hundred? or even thousands?

Well, I have a solution for that by hacking link assistant from SEO Power Suite. Let me show you what I mean.

LinkAssistant is part of the SEO powersuite package and its meant to be used to contact link exchange partners and then get your link added to their page of links. You probably know what I’m talking about, the old school method of you have a links page and people contact you to get their link placed on it and they would link to you in return, reciprocal linking and all that kind of thing.

That’s what it’s meant to do but with a few tweaks and a few hacks you can actually use it to automate and manage guest posting. So I’m going to show you how to do that end to end but before I do that I wanted to show you a campaign that I’ve ran. So here you can see theres a list of partner domains here that we can contract, the page rank, the email addresses and also the status. So we can see I’ve got some guest post requests sent, guest post response which means they’ve replied to my request, the guest post is live or not and various things like that.

And if you come over to the email section you can see where here are the responses I have had to my request. Here’s one here I really appreciate your writing guest articles on my blog you can post your own way as you like it. This one says thanks for getting in contact I’m always looking for good quality guest posts. This ones asking me if I’ve got any articles currently and yes we only accept guest posts of high quality so you can see there I’ve got quite a lot of responses from the campaign I sent out and it’s a really easy way to manage to the guest posting outreach and then the actual results of what’s going on.

So let me show you how to set this up and I’m going to start a new project, so come up to file, new project. Enter into here click next and that will scrape some data we are not going to use and click next. Contact name, enter your actual name and for contact email address you want to enter the email address you want to receive guest post responses to. So that is going to be your actual email address in this example I’m going to be using a temporary hotmail account just for this tutorial and then click on Finish.

Next come up to preferences, proxy settings and onto proxy rotation. Import your list of private proxies here then come up to the email client section and we need to enter the server details for our email address. Now what I typically do is my contact email would be my actual email address I would then fill out the incoming mail server settings for that email address. But for the actual sending of the guest post request emails I usually use a hotmail or yahoo account and use their outgoing mail servers. Now you probably only need to do that if you’re going to be sending out hundreds and hundreds of guest post requests. If you’re only going to be sending a few a day or only a handful of requests then you can use the outgoing mail settings for your primary contact email address. But if you’re going to be sending hundreds we are going to take advantage of hotmails and yahoos smtp servers and then all of the requests will get sent through those and any responses will get delivered to our primary email address.

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