How To Create Blog Content That Ranks In Google- Quick Tutorial

21March 2019

How To Create Blog Content That Ranks In Google:

A few strategies discusses in the video are below:

Guest Posting:

SEO Tags:

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So many people get absolutely no traffic from Google simply because they do not know how to create blog content that caters to what the major search engines are looking for. Follow these simple yet extremely effective steps to give your blog the best chance of ranking in Google. In this video I go over proper keyword research, recommended length of blog posts, copy optimization/internal linking, writing SEO tags, link building, and consistency. This is the formula for success when it comes to creating content for your blog.

Not only will this put you way ahead of the competition but the repetition of it will serve you well for every blog post that comes after it. Why not get the most out of your blogging efforts and stop wasting your valuable time? Well now you can when you approach your work with the right mindset and blogging strategy. If this video on how to create blog content that ranks in Google was helpful, let me know in the comments below.

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